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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wuthering Heights Around the Blogosphere

While I take a very long time watching and reviewing WH 2008 (9?) here is a veritable bouquet of links to keep you busy.

Vic, aka Ms. Place, and Laurel Ann of the amazing (amazing!) blog Jane Austen's World have links to their WH reviews and a lively discussion up here.

The ladies folks at Bronte-blog have two thorough and extensive round-ups of WH reviews ranging from Heathcliff-level besotted to Emily-Bronte-is-rolling-over-in-her-grave disgusted.

And below, just for a treat, is the iconic red dress version of "Wuthering Heights," Kate Bush's song that blew the minds of Bronteites worldwide and continually blows mine.


  1. Kate Bush, Wuthering Heights, and that red dress. Mind blowing.

  2. Hello there,

    Thanks for the links. But let me just say that last time we checked BrontëBlog wasn't all ladies ;)

  3. @vic: agreed!

    @Cristina--oh dear. humblest apologies, this is particularly embarrassing from a die-hard feminist like me. I shall refer to you henceforth as the "crew" the "gang" the "posse" or the "folks" over at Bronteblog ;)

  4. That's okay, don't worry. I pointed it out because people are always going on about how the Brontës are girls-only reading, and we take particular pride in bringing down that untrue myth :) And I guessed you would like it.