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Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Open Thread--Whatchoo reading?

Note/Update: It's my birthday weekend (well my bday's not til next week but I'll be celebrating) so this will likely be the last post til Sunday night and Sense and Sensibility is rebroadcast on PBS' Masterpiece. So feel free to just add your thoughts til then!

Onto the book front...So I am slogging through Catch-22. I love it, of course --it's hysterical yet profound-- but it's not the kind of book one can speed-read.

I have a new review book coming my way in the mail, and I'm finally going to tackle Richardson's "Pamela" so I can say I've read one 18th-century classic that is not "Robinson Crusoe" (though I've read my share of Haywood, Behn and Burney).

So what are you all reading these days? and what do you think of it?

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  1. I'm on a roll this month - on my tenth book since January 1st! It's Between Women, a very interesting book on female relationships in the Victorian era. It includes sections on female friendship, female desire, and female relationships, finding a marriage between feminism and queer studies. It's academic, but fairly easy to read, so a fun romp back to my history side for a little while.

  2. Wow, you are such an incredible reader. That book sounds really fascinating--Victorian + female = so up my alley.

  3. Ugh, Haywood. Granted I've only read one of her novels and it was Betsy Thoughtless rather than the more exciting-sounding Love in Excess.

    I just finished Anna Karenina yesterday. Oh my goodness. I need about a week to think about it...

    And I'm starting Madame Bovary soon, for class (naturally).

  4. @K, that's a lot of adultery novels. I enjoyed Bovary a lot, but i read an old translation and would like to re-read it w/ a more modern one. As for Anna K, it's a doozy. It's high time I re-read that one too. So many books, so little time!

  5. I'm in the middle of two books... one that I read (mostly before bead) and one that listen to. Neither are classics :) The reading one is a hysterical memoir-type book called "Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist's Quest to Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, or Why Pie is Not the Answer". The one I'm listening to on audiobook is called "The Fire" by Katherine Nelville which is a sequel to her book from the 80's called "The Eight". It's kind of like The DaVinci Code.

  6. I'm at the very beginning of Blood Meridian. It's like Faulkner on tons of testosterone. Despite the violence, I love reading it before bed because it kind of puts you in that "I'm scared so I'm going to curl up beneath these covers" place.