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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Tales of Beedle The Bard

This will be a short post for a short book. JK Rowling's book of wizarding tales--with footnotes provided by herself and in the voice of Albus Dumbledore--is a novelty charity item and not a substantial piece of work. But that doesn't mean it's not incredibly awesome.

The fairy tales themselves are sweet and demonstrate Rowling's unique sense of right and wrong as well as her signature mix of beautifully mythical and comically grotesque aesthetics.

But it's Dumbledore's footnotes that steal the show. Reading "his" words gave me a lump in my throat and a longing to return to the wizarding world and stay there. It may not be a full novel, but "Beedle" proves that JK still has it, and when she unleashes it again we're going to be in awe.

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