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Friday, January 23, 2009

Jennifer Weiner pwns The Literary Elite's Misogny, Part ???

I already shared this on google reader, but I just wanted to make my readership aware of the awesomeness. EBC and bestselling authoress Jennifer Weiner writes a scathingly funny take on the double-standard applied to female and male "tell-all" memoirists, a post that is already causing a stir. She targets the New York Times Book Review, which we all know is one of my favorite targets for feminist vengeance, too!

So, just to be clear, if you’re a lady and you ‘fess up to an unhealthy online interest in an ex, you may have “lost it entirely.”

If you’re a dude and you write about, say, smoking pot with your prepubescent son, scoring coke with your daughters asleep in your car, or spewing uncontrollable diabetes-related diarrhea all over your son’s back seat, well then you, sir, have written “a bruising survival story,” or a “brave, heartfelt, often funny, often frustrating book.”

If you’re a chick who sleeps around and lives to tell (and sell) the tale, you’re greedy, vain and charmless. If you’re a guy who spends nights on end looking at Internet porn and days investing in drug companies that overcharge cancer patients for their cures, then you’re “formidably smart.”

Read the rest here. And have a happy weekend. I'm off to see Rachel Getting Married.

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