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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Respect for All life?

Wait a second. I am so confused. I thought that anti-abortion leaders, when looking at women, felt only sorrow for the poor little fetusbabies, and that their policies and actions had absolutely nothing to do with hating uppity women? At least that's what liberal men like John Stewart and Bill Maher (and our president) tell me. My world is turning upside down here.

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  1. I saw that and my jaw hung open for a good ten seconds. What's your take on Bill's reaction? Most of the leftist blogs I frequent agree that it was smarmy and gross, as he usually is, but someone on Jezebel posited that it was a subtle dig at GHWB for daring to think that a story so vile was acceptable to tell in public. And then some other people thought Bill's comment was racist. So I really don't know how to feel about any of this.

  2. @K: I think it was typical Clinton. He's not racist or sexist per se, but when he feels attacked he just lashes out and doesn't realize (OR CARE) that his comments might be offensive...the man needs too much therapy. And how could he interpret that GHWB joke as a slight to himself, rather than to women?