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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Period Adaptation Hotties, #11-15

In honor of Masterpiece classic re-booting this month, I'm re-posting this series of my favorite leading men from costume-drama literary adaptations. After I post all 15, I will add a fourth post with my top 5 favorites from 2006-2008, mining the fertile field that has been the past few seasons of adaptations.

WHAT I SAID THEN + my current comments in brackets:

Julian Sands as the "beauty!" and "joy!" loving George Emerson who rocks Helena Bonham Carter's world in "A Room With a View" ]plus, there's that scene where "La Rondine" is playing in the background and they kiss on the hill in Fiesole]

Alan Rickman,
as the staid Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility (remember how he paces back and forth when Marianne is sick and says: "Give me something to do or I shall go mad!"?)
Hugh Grant as the annoyingly weak-tempered but very sweet Edward Ferrars in the same.

Rufus Sewell, now known as the crazy would-be emperor in The Illusionist, for his stunning, stunning Will Ladislaw (my favorite literary hero ever, even more than Darcy) in the Masterpiece Theater production of Eliot's Middlemarch. [Even though Andrew Davies ruined the ending.]

Eric Stolz as an effete, overwhelmed but passionate Lawrence Selden in Terrence Davies' under-appreciated adaptation of Wharton's The House of Mirth.

And the razzie goes to:
Jonathan Rhys-Myers, a personal favorite, for his miserably churlish and bratty George Osborne in Mira Nair's frustrating but excellent production of Thackeray's Vanity Fair [and now for turning Henry VIII into a churlish, bratty... hmmm. Noticing a pattern?


  1. Nice choices. I agree.

  2. Oh God Yes Alan Rickman as Brandon. And Stolz as Selden breaks my freaking heart. I love that version of House of Mirth.

    Looking forward to seeing your updates, as I certainly know of a few recent entries to the field who are most deserving of consideration...