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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Pride and Prejudice

According to these sources called the internets and the Wikipedia, today is Pride and Prejudice's birthday. January 28th 1813--it's almost 200 years old dude!

So yes, today must be celebrated, as it marks the birth of the most perfect novel ever written (whether it's the absolute best or not is a constant struggle for me--but that's another story). Not only is it flawlessly constructed and endlessly re-readable, but P+P has spawned a truly amazing group of spinoffs, contemporary adaptations, and perhaps the most unauthorized sequels of any novel ever written. I mean the number of women who fantasize about Lizzy and Darcy, err, frolicking beneath the bedclothes, and then get said fantasies published and widely read, is truly, simply, extraordinary. Jane bless them all.

So in sum and in conclusion, lets party with Mizz Austen (this is a JASNA image, awesome right?) continue wishing we were Lizzy Bennet, live to see many young men of 4,000 a year come into the neighborhood, and make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn.

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