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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Live-Blogging PBS' "Wuthering Heights," Installment II (Part I)

9.p.m. Here we go. When we last left our heroes, Heathcliff was exacting revenge on Hindley while Cathy was smarting with regret and chafing at her situation at Thrushcross Grange. Also, Isabella thinks Heathcliff is hot. Feel free to add your thoughts as the movie goes on... consider this and the subsequent live-blog posts as an open thread.
And don't forget to vote/allocate blame.

9:05--Isabella and Cathy have a catfight over Heathcliff at the door to the Grange. Cathy's having a temper tantrum, reaping what she sows.

9:06--And Edgar kicks Heathcliff out. Here comes an important line "Cathy this lamb of yours threatens like a bull" revealing that Edgar is cruel too and not as gentle as he posits himself.

9:07 and now the men have their own catfight! So many couples fighting and switching around. Is this Wuthering Heights or Fleetwood Mac??

9:10 Another woman running away from home... and another sex scene! Yay! Except it's not exactly romantic... poor Isabella.

9:13 Cathy tantrum number two. My viewing companion says: "She's like a child." Yes, yes she is. A primal child longing to run through the moors and escape her prison of creature comforts. Sigh.

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