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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cultural Consumption: Twitter-Style

I'm enjoying the whole tweet medium tremendously. So I thought, given that awards season is upon us, I'd do some movie and TV series reviews with a shortened, twitter-inspired aesthetic in mind and catch you up on what I've been consuming.


Milk is by far my favorite of the bunch. Why is the most brilliantly acted, well-filmed, and politically relevant film of the season being ignored by award-giving bodies? ding ding ding! Because Hollywood is homophobic.

Slumdog Millionaire's Dickensian opening sequences are great, but then this beautifully shot movie devolves into weird cliched gangster flick. Not sure I get all the hype, but I enjoyed it enough.

Frost/Nixon was the perfect "fun-serious" film. The two leads were great and Ron Howard's big time Hollywood-style direction fit the content like a glove.

Revolutionary Road--Leo and Kate transcended a stylized script and delivered bang-up performances, particularly Leo actually. But it's a painful subject. Very painful.

Rachel Getting Married and The Wrestler and Last Chance Harvey I wantz to see them.

Television Shows

Mad Men finished season 1, starting season 2. Still one of the best shows around, but why oh why does Don not hang on to poor Rachel Menken? She is the most badass female Jewish character eva.

Rome Season 2 Super, super, super violent but delicious. I have this weird feeling a lot of these characters are not going to make it ;)

Friday Night Lights season 3. The best show on television finished its third (last?) season with a heartbreaking, uplifting, and sadly realistic bunch of episodes. I think this may have been one of the best seasons of TV ever. Tv gods, PLEASE BRING IT BACK FOR A FOURTH SEASON. PLEASE. PLEASE.

What have you been consuming, readers?

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  1. Rachel Getting Married is wonderful. I can't even think of any adjectives to use. See it immediately!

    I haven't seen the new season of FNL yet (I don't get DirecTV) but I'm looking forward to it a lot.