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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A fun-filled week of contemporary P+P updates

It's funny how ubiquitous P+P is in pop culture... this week I caught two of my fave recent flicks, both of which are adapations of that novel.

First was the Bollywood-Hollywood-rom-com-musical hybrid spectacular "Bride and Prejudice"... I've never talked about this film at length here, but I have to say for a moment just how much I love it. It updates the P&P storyline with some interesting cultural and economic twists, and Aishwarya Rai is just a total winner as Latika/Lizzy, and I love the goofy, spirited, whirling musical numbers, the gorgeous filmmaking, and all the secondary characters. Here's the opening musical number:

(Sorry for the teeny-tininess)

[On a sidenote, I'm fascinated by female-directed, female-centric films like this and Mama Mia that have such an unself-conscious joie de vivre. They're so different from almost all other films (and misunderstood by critics). It's funny that both were such giant hits in the UK and less so here, though neither flopped]

Perennially-beloved contemporary P+P (and Tom Jones) adaptation "Bridget Jones's Diary" (which I've written about before) happened to be on tV for the umpteenth time this weekend. Though the film is not as good as the book, it's still the last great Rom-Com to grace our screens. With the exception of "Music and Lyrics," there hasn't been a decent addition to the genre in years. It has a non-stick-thin, non chirpy heroine, which makes me particularly happy (and all though much of the humor is at her expense, she has her share of fantastic zingers). And I love all the P+P in-references, particularly when Bridget tells Darcy "you need to seriously reconsider the length of your sideburns."

Here's a funny scene from the first one:

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