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Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend De-Lurk/Open Thread; enough about my reading, what about yours?

So I've told you about my most recent reading project (yes, Edith was a most particularly welcome break from my mountain of Serious. Feminist. Tomes.) Next I have a very brand-name brimming chick-lit novel to review this weekend which should be diverting, and then I'm not sure what. I'm feeling so good about old Edith that I'm thinking about ordering The Glimpses of the Moon from amazon. Oh also, I've been wanting to tackle another No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency novel and finish the Joy Luck Club too. And I'm re-reading snatches of Night and Washington Square (quite different, I know) with students and marveling at their awesomeness.

So what are you perusing on your commutes or pillows this weekend?

And happy holidays to all!


  1. Maggie10:54 PM

    Just completed Wives and Daughters - really enjoyed it. I was honestly surprised at Gaskell's humor! By the way - just watched the Wives and Daughters miniseries - also excellent! I was planning on following that with Middlemarch but it seems that they both share some similarities and I think I would enjoy them separately rather than constantly compare them. Perhaps I am wrong. So - I have been reading some of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes while I decide what to do next. I kinda started Northanger Abbey but I almost want to wait and read it around my mother-in-law - an English teacher who doesn't appreciate Austen. She even teaches a satire course but doesn't seem to understand that Austen's work is up to here with satire. Criminal.

  2. I have about fifteen books about New York waiting for my attention, so I'm not reading any of them. I've just started Bill Bryson's The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir. So far, it's a delightful read - nothing fancy, just fun - like a bag of M&Ms.

  3. oooh Wives and Daughters is high on my list. I just bought the mini-series for my grandmother and am looking forward to watching it with her, everyone says it's top-notch.

  4. This weekend it's Starman Omnibus Vol. 2 and a pile of comics.

  5. This weekend I'm finishing Richard Dawkins' "The Ancestor's tale". A very interesting subject, although I have to admit I got slightly less interested as the ancestors got more distant. I just can't bring myself to feel the same enthusiasm for flatworms as I can for a nice chimpanzee :-)

  6. Deleilan8:04 AM

    The "Wives and Daughters" series is excellent, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

    I've just started reading "The Pickwick Papers". It sat neglected for years on my bookshelf, and watching "Little Dorrit" has prompted me to immerse myself in Dickens' writing again.

  7. I'm always reading a number of books at a time. Right now, I'm working my way through Yes Means Yes! (which I started in January), Pat Boran's The Portable Creative Writing Workshop, and The Letters of Vita Sackville-West to Virgina Woolf.