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Friday, April 03, 2009

More Elaine Showalter, This Time by Yours Truly

So I decided to join the ranks of Laura Miller and (ugh) Katie Roiphe and offer my own thoughts on Elaine Showalters "A Jury of Her Peers" for Women's enews. I'd love it if you read it and offered your thoughts, or just read it! It was a blast to write.

Anyway, here is a graf I ended up leaving out for space concerns but I'm presenting as a special "angry feminist" bonus for you guys. It's in response to Showalter's assertion that women writers are now "free":

This is the one aspect of the book that is perhaps questionable: while women are indeed free to write whatever they want, women who treat male subjects like Western-writer Annie Proulx, who Showalter admires, receive more mainstream praise than those who write about women’s lives more exclusively. Chick-lit is still a derogatory term (although Showalter takes it seriously) and prominent book review sections remain male-dominated. So equality remains slightly out of reach. And some critics will doubtless reject Showalter’s efforts at an “alternative canon,” believing that any list or canon of important writers is exclusive by nature and reinforces race, class, and gender hierarchies.

Introducing "A Jury of Her Peers"

Roiphe's craptastic review

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  1. I must say...what a pleasure it was to read your article! Very sensible and balanced (and enjoyable) and even more so when compared to Roiphie.