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Monday, April 20, 2009

A Ton of Book News and Posts, Starting With Dan Brown

Via Galleycat and Jacket Copy's Carolyn Kellogg, at long last there is news of Dan Brown's new book, "The Lost Symbol," which takes place over only twelve hours in Robert Langdon's life.

Romancing the Tome has an awesome poll--which author should Masterpiece focus on next? (And check out their blog's new look; it's hot).

Anna at Isak has the lowdown on a variety of Yeatsy stuff--it's 70 years since my favorite poet left this realm for Byzantium.

K has a post (riffing on a Bookslut article) about transcendent reading... and how hard it is to find books that are compelling reads but also elevating, without being empty on one hand or boring/pretentious on the other. Here's what she says:
 When I was nine years old I was so eager to fall into the world of a book that I had to be called to every dinner five times and read late into the night with a flashlight. My greatest goal in life was to figure out how to read and walk at the same time without wandering into traffic. And while I still love to read, it's true: right now I always wonder where my next great read is going to come from, instead of feeling sure that every book on the library shelf holds a story worth reading.

My review of The Purity Myth is up at Venus Zine

See you later for the big Pulitzer announcements!

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