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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Celebrity Poets: The Good, The Bad and the Painfully Maudlin

The Daily Beast has a truly truly amazing slideshow today. It's a grouping of the choicest snippets of poetry authored by those who get stalked by the paparazzi. From Jewel to Ashanti to Charlie Sheen and more, the editors have done a great job culling out the tastiest pieces of verse.

After you've looked at the slideshow, let us know which you think were the best and worst. I'd have to say Viggo Mortenson (whose publishing endeavors we've discussed before) was definitely the best, while so many of the others were made of FAIL that I couldn't choose.

Seriously, this is a link worth clicking. It's LOLworthy.


  1. I admit I chuckled at many of those excerpts, but I did it very privately. There are so many people who shun poetry these days, that people who write the worst verse on the planet are still spared my scorn. I don't want to discourage our delicate celebrity poets.

    But, perhaps someone more versed in poetry publishing can tell me if it is totally unfair that some of these celebrities got book deals? I suspect it is.

  2. I agree that Viggo Mortenson's offering was the highlight of the show. The worst? I'm not sure. I'll just say that Charlie Sheen's style is not to my taste. A lot of the other poems weren't, either, but if I have to choose one...