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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A revolt against

My friend Zach points me to a scandal brewing on the interwebs. Apparently is censoring LGBT and sexually explicit books by removing them from their "ranking" system. Among the books affected are Brokeback Mountain and Lady Chatterley's Lover which is rather ironic. Anyway, here are links to three blog posts around the book-o-sphere (plus the first paragraphs) explaining the phenomenon:

An Open Letter to Amazon by Kassia Krozser from Booksquare

Dear Amazon, Happy Easter (or if it’s Monday morning, happy belated Easter!). It seems the Easter Bunny, while hopping down the bunny trail, left some rotten eggs all over the Amazon site while we were sleeping. Suddenly, many books lost their sales ranking and levels of searchability on the Amazon site.

#Amazonfail and the politics of anti-corporate cyber-activism from Net Effect by Evgeny Morozov


  1. So you're saying we woke up and it was 1955? What the hell is wrong with these people? Maybe they need to head on up to Vermont and see how the intellectual, open-minded, free-thinking people live.;-)