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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Link-O-Rama, "Ben Stein Can Kiss My Lapsed-Reform-Jewy Butt" edition

All expelled, all the time, folks. That LOLStein never gets old.

So my life-partner et moi spent too much of our sunny Monday watching this piece of hackneyed right-wing propaganda. But what we both got out of it was an opportunity, an opportunity to sharpen our literary claws, so to speak. It's rare that an entertainment writer specializing in the hip-hop world and a feminist writer who loves womb-autonomy get to tackle the same topic.

So far, ironically enough, it's his post that has attracted the batshit-insane wingnuts like bees to honey, while mine remains rather un-challenged.

Still, check 'em both out. As [greenlight] and I said over gchat after I shamelessly-self-promoted:

10:53 AM [Greenlight]: the one-two punch
[Fellow-ette]: yeah exactly
10:54 AM [Greenlight]: ID has never met a foe like this
[Fellow-ette]: the wrath of the culturally jewish atheists!
10:56 AM [Greenlight]: [tommy] & [fellow-ette] = marx & engels
10:57 AM [Fellow-ette] bringin' you a dictatorship of the proletariat, and the TRUTH

The end.

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