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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Pulitzers; Kinda Testosteroney

This week, the Pulitzers were announced. As expected. the number of women and people of color getting the award was somewhat tokenish. All in all, I counted two ladies and two non-white folks, although I could be off slightly cause some of the names were ambiguous gender and ethnicity-wise. Attention, Pulitzer Commmittee: Giving my idol-poet Bob Dylan a special citation, which is admittedly awesome, does not make up for the lack of recognition given to women and minorities.

But check out the board. Yeah it's diverse-ish. But by my visual accounting, even if the non-white people and all the women banded together, they would STILL be outvoted by the white men.

That's patriarchy for ya.

(thanks to Meg for encouraging me to blog this :)

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