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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Link-O-Rama, Spring! edition

Hi readers. It's finally really spring weather in New york. Having spent the morning (or ten minutes of it) blister-proofing my feet with baby powder, blister-band aids, and blister-block stick, I'm about to up and exit this hot apartment in search of the intoxicating combo of sunshine and cherry blossoms.

Here is some mandatory reading:

Over at racialicious, an excellent post about the way ethnic cover girls are whitewashed in the magazine industry, part of the evils of photoshopping which I've talked about before.
Shakespeare's Sister (those Woolf references are everywhere) has documented it far more thoroughly aussi.

Austenblog has a hopping discussion about moments in the Austen ouvre when characters act better or worse than we expect them to--part of JA's genius at describing humanity, imo.

If you, like, me, have a sick , must-know-more obsession with the FLDS church (the fundamentalist polygamist sect that just got raided), read this. Trigger warning; it's about inbreeding and genetic deficiencies.

My piece today at RH Reality Check on the way rape scenes are portrayed onscreen. Trigger warning II: it describes rape scenes.

In case you haven't noticed the blog has gotten a bit of a re-vamping thanks to my finally moving everything to the new blogger layout model. That means when you click on a label and there are too many posts to fit on the screen, you can click on "older posts" at the bottom of the page and actually see all the book reviews or posts on Austen or whatever, which is pretty nice. Also there's a new "sharethis" button at the bottom of every post, so if you dig me, you can digg me, ya dig?

And with that, je dis: "bon apres-midi! a plus tard!"

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