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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Feminist Media Criticism In Action, Realtime

Fellow-ette: is this video glorifying rape?

Fellow: yeah probably
it is really old, tho
why u ask?
(it is definitely very misog)
Fellow-ette: oh
i was just talking about it with the rh reality checkers
we were talking about rape images etc
Fellow: wrd
yeah - nicole s's marketing relied pretty heavily in general on creepy sexualized/violent imagery
people were cool with the heavily objectified "pussycat dolls"
but when she went solo, it's like her marketing veered too far into "slut" territory
all her singles flopped
Fellow-ette: yeah i cant watch their videos either
Fellow: her album is indefinitely shelvesd
Fellow-ette: really?
Fellow: neither can i! but they are hugely popular!
Fellow-ette: true
so she crossed some invisible line
Fellow: the difference in how the group was treated vs her solo can't be an accident
i think it's bc people don't want to personalize that sexual image
Fellow-ette: because the pussycat dolls relied on some myth of "girl power" ala Spice Girls?
Fellow: they want it to be a bunch of faceless "dolls" --no one knows the group members' names
Fellow-ette: oooh right
Fellow: her whole solo thing was about her as an individual
her album is called "Her Name is Nicole"
Fellow-ette: you are a brilliant feminist media critic!
Fellow: that creeped people out
Fellow-ette: yeah true
the pussycat dolls videos are all just flashing torsos
and mouths
no personality
Fellow: ironically, i dont think it's the rape imagery that bothered people about her - it's that she went too close to being an actual human being yknow
not a "doll"

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  1. I've never watched that video before but yikes.

    This commentary is spot-on and funny. I hope you do more! And send them my way so I can come check it out!