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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Link-O-Rama: Everyone thought that debate sucked, edition

So last night's presidential debate in PA, on ABC, has already been officially labelled the WORST. DEBATE. EVER. The moderators were booed, the ABC page is inundated with comments, it's a free-for-all of, erm, I'd say bitterness. Bitter, bitter, bitterness.

The whole thing was a sham--two wealthy, white media-men asking inane, catty, questions, posing themselves as "friends of the people" concerned about "elitist" candidates and willing to Take them to Task over important stuff like Flag Pins and Weathermen Bittergate, and ugh, all sort of ridiculousness. See clips here.

It wasn't just upsetting, it was depressing. My favorite response out of many, many, many awesome responses has got to be Digby's description of Charlie Gibson and George Snuffalopoulus as "a couple of drunken gazelles." Indeed, gazelles they were.

In other, less political-cum-nausea-inducing news, umm, erm, there's gotta be some..Okay, here.
  • Salon's vagina talks about the 10th anniverrary of the monologues and the combination of ickiness and goodness they bring out.
  • Feministing gives us a mediocre parody-video mocking the wondrous Fergie and extolling women to take pride in the junk food they eat. I kinda like it. And I doo love my junk food.
  • USA today talks about Alexander McCall Smith, longtime fave of fellow-ette's fam.
  • My article today at RH reality check (aha, now you're catching on to why I do this link thang on Thursdays) talks about women in Hollywood, and how the narrative on the Death of Chick Flicks has got it all wrong.
A taste:
The fact that these movies have been hits, while films like "The Holiday," "Music and Lyrics," and "27 Dresses" have failed to reap huge profits, should be a wakeup call to producers. These high-budget flops all feature white, ultra-skinny heroines prancing against the backdrop of suburban mansions or windowed penthouses. I know they take place in cities, or towns, but I'm not sure which ones. The heroines dress fabulously and have nary a wrinkle, or an accent of any kind, and usually lack back-stories or families -- or even much personality besides a frenetic cutesiness.
You know you want more. Digg it, too, if you have a chance (and a heart).

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