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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Vatican vs. Tom Hanks, Round 2.

So there may be a Vatican boycott of the Angels and Demons film because like its predecessor, it exposes a "conspiracy" in the inner workings of the church hierarchy. This "controversy" just makes me want to go out and read Angels & Demons, even though I hear it's basically the same book as the Da Vinci Code. I say, since I read Da Vinci years ago, it will probably be an enjoyable diversion from the serious books I've been reading recently.

Anyway, imho, Dan Brown is a feminist Stephenie Meyer. Both their books are fun and breath! less! And although neither has the kind of prose dexterity that will win them prestigious awards, obviously they both tap into something primal, and make reading popular which is a good good thing. But Brown's message, that most old and venerable institutions run by men are sinister, is a better one than Meyer's garbled "good-bad boys don't bite" theme.

Oh and my last point: maybe since the heroine of this one isn't the descendant of Jesus, there can be a sex scene? Or at least a non-forehead kiss? PLEASE RON HOWARD DON'T LET US DOWN.

(Now I sound like a Twi-hard. You happy, Stephenie?)

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  1. I liked the book of The Da Vinci Code well enough (though Dan Brown won't make anyone forget Nabokov, that's for sure) but I liked the movie a lot more. I'm a Tom Hanks fangirl, though, so you probably need to take that into consideration. So yes, I'm really looking forward to seeing the new movie, though I haven't read the book.

    Still haven't read/seen Twilight. Don't plan to.