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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love of Tragedy = Funny?

USA Today's roundup of the nebulous world of "Women's Fiction" (oh we could write a dissertation about THAT category, but for another date it shall be saved) that has the following opening line:

These four titles offer stories of family, motherhood, tragedy and emotional pain.

Ahh, emotional pain. You know, there's nothing like tragedy AND the ensuing emotional pain to get us women running to the bookstores, credit cards in hand (funny cause it's true--not just for women, either).

This also reminded me of being in a UK bookstore two summers ago (Scotland) and seeing an entire section devoted to "Tragic Life Stories. " I snapped a picture because I thought, hey, they're being so honest about what makes people tick. Here it is:
Incidentally, some of the books in the USA Today roundup look good, emotional pain notwithstanding.


  1. I think "women's fiction" is sort of like saying "rock and roll." It includes a vast array of material. Love the "Tragic Life Stories" photo. Too funny!

  2. Tragedy and emotional pain certainly trigger my "buy" response. I recommended a book to a friend of mine, not long ago. She tried to read it but said "This is the most depressing thing I've ever read." I guess the genre should be entitled "Some Women's Fiction". ;>)

  3. Sarah M.11:32 AM

    Many of these titles--let alone a whole sub-genre/bookshelf of literature!--could be deadly to lady neurasthenics.