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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I updated my sidebar to include some stuff related to my non-blogging writing career. You can see it by scrolling down or clicking here. (It may take a minute to load, re-click if it doesn't). Basically, I included a subscription box for my newsletter (which has yet to have been ever sent out at all and will be sent out rarely, I promise) and a list of my published pieces that have a literary/cultural/feminist/EBC bent (so my news reporting on school board meetings is, thankfully, kept far from this site ;)

Feel free to sign up, follow the links, or completely ignore this post and wait for the next Austen or Dickens tidbit.

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  1. Oh, I reported on schoolboard meetings when I was doing my journalism undergrad! In fact, that probably has something to do with my current degree, a history MA, and my next degree, Landscape Architecture. The memories! I admire you and every one of my fellow j-school grads who actually had staying power.