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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It would be remiss of me not to mention

as someone on my feminist list-serv did, that the National Book Critics Circle Awards, given this week, had absolutely ZERO female winners, despite there being many uterine-Americans among the nominees.

I cast no aspersions, I just think it's important to keep pointing this out.


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  1. Sarah M.10:24 PM

    This is pretty infuriating, but it makes Showalter's Jury of Her Peers all the more timely. Its time to reassess the American literary canon. But it's also time to take a harder look at the structures and networks of gender bias that continue to exist.

    Separate but related: I think the idea of the "great American novel" is an inherently masculinist undertaking. If this is some standard by which literature is judged, then women will inevitably come up short.

  2. Not to toot our horn, but this is exactly why FR exists!