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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shakespeare News: Rufus on Sonnets and King Lear Online

  • I know a bunch of you told me in comments here and via twitter that you missed King Lear. Well, it's online at PBS! According to an email I got from PBS, it's also airing Sunday, April 5 at 12pm.
  • Ever wonder what Rufus Wainwright's favorite Shakespeare sonnets are? Swvl finds out in the course of an interview with Rufus about his new opera (!!) and a play he's working on based on the bard's 14-line masterpieces. Scroll to the bottom to find out which ones he likes best. Let me give you a hint: #18 and #116 are not among them. Rufus is too erudite to go for such obvious choices.

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  1. Deleilan4:09 PM

    Speaking of the Great Shakey — have you heard the rumour about a restorer ruining his portrait? I hope there's no truth in it!