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Monday, March 23, 2009

"Big Love" Season Finale Open Thread--What Did You Think?

I'm not sure that any of my regular readers are big fans of the show, but I know my friends and family are, so I thought I'd put this up in case any of you have thoughts on the last ep. I'm going to reserve my thoughts for the comments so I don't spoil it, but what a great season it's been. Dark, but great.

So if you have thoughts to contribute, slap 'em up below. Otherwise, next Sunday Night it's Little Dorrit time. Also The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency is premiering soon, and I adore the book series by Alexander McCall Smith, so it should be an exciting adaptation.


  1. Well, I was blown away by it. One of the most moving moments for me was the look on Nicki's face when her 14-year-old daughter said that J.J., her father, wanted to put her in the "Joy" book and seal her fate. No surprise that Nicki found a way to protect her from the nightmare she herself had lived.

    We're glad that Bill embraces Sarah's choice, because she needs that support - but isn't Barb's concern that she is too young to know if it's the right choice justified? Is she choosing or escaping?

    So sad to see this season end.

  2. I agree about Nicki's face falling when she heard the words "joy book" being sooo powerful. I also have my doubts about Sarah. It's like she's trying too hard to wipe the slate clean. On the one hand Bill is right to be hands off, bc at 18 she has to make her own mistakes, but Barb's concerns are, for once this season, justified.

    I just feel like the Roman-ization of Bill, which I've been pondering all season, is really coming to a head. Can one seize that kind of power in a "good" way and not be inherently destructive?

  3. If Bill decides to move the family back to the compound I'll definitely worry about how power corrupts. Hard to picture how they're going to refigure the show with Roman gone and Bill's families in some kind of equilibrium. But are they? Is Nicki going to fall in line and start having babies again? What will Adaleen do when she finds out that Roman's dead and Joey killed him? Will we see a confrontation between the two matriarchs - Adaleen and Lois? (Mary Kay Place and Grace Zabriskie are two of the real gems of the show, so I hope so!) Are those horrifying Greens really gone this time? And what did they do with Teenie??

  4. What an episode! Really wrapped up that season perfectly. It was all almost inevitable in retrospect, but wow. Bill and Roman's interactions, especially, were so well played in this ep.

    As for what happens next, it all hinges on Alby's fate, right? If he's gone, there's a serious power vacuum going on (though I still can't see most of Roman's flock embracing Bill as a new prophet). If not...

    Also: Joey FTW! Knew that schmuck had it in him.

  5. Also, yeah, Nicki's arc was so well done. Good for her, rescuing her daughter from those lunatics.

    If there isn't some major Emmy action for everyone involved in this season of the show, something is seriously wrong.

  6. I accept Bill Henrickson as my prophet!


    (personally i accept Joey as mine)

  8. I want to join alby's breakout demonic cult.

    Alby = WILE E COYOTE

  9. We shouldn't forget that Bill and Joey's grandfather, the original Henrickson, was the Prophet until Roman usurped him - killed him actually - so Joey had a lot to avenge and it's in Bill's blood to take over the big house - and Lois would be delighted. So who knows where this is going.

  10. that's a chilling thought! they are all so obsessed with legitimacy and authority.

    I definitely want more Lois next season.

  11. OMG - I didn't remember that Grace Zabriskie played George Costanza's almost-mother-in-law! And I am not sure what to say about this website: ...
    but I love her anyway!