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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Dorrit Guest-Blogging Schedule


Alea Iacta Est! The die has been cast, the cast has been chosen, and we have, to quote Sylvia Plath, "boarded the train there's not getting off." In other words, I have my roster of guest-bloggers for the five weeks of Little Dorrit! The rules are simple: there are none. The guest-posts won't be formal, or necessarily a live-blog, or a comparison to the book, or arrive immediately after the installment airs, because that's not how Egalitarian Bookworm Chicks roll, okay? The posts will be witty, and incisive, show up within a few days of the installment and eagerly await your comments!

Installment 1, March 29: the formidable Kim and Amy

Installment 2, April 5th: the highly-esteemed BethDunn

Installment 3, April 12th: the irrepressible Catherine

Installment 4, April 19th: the keen Sarah O

Installment 5, April 26th: the delightful K

Thanks to all these awesome sisters-in-bloggage for agreeing to do this and I hope you will all visit their sites and read more of their brilliance.

I really appreciate the comments that have started flowing into the site and all the great discussions we've been having, so thanks to everyone who comments. If you are a regular reader and you want to guest-blog here or cross-post or otherwise sow the seats of social amiablity on the intertubes, just let me know!

Also, when the time comes, I think we should start a twitter hashtag for LD. How about, hmm, I dunno, #littledorrit ?

That's all for now, folks. I'm looking forward to this Masterpiece-free weekend so I can focus on the "Big Love" season finale.

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