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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Link-O-Rama, Ugh! edition

This morning, emotionally hungover from a night of celebrating the newly-legal (in California) love between Barry and John, I stumbled into the kitchen, wrapped in a silk (ripoff) robe that I bought for $15 dollars on sale because it was missing its belt, and as I downed my morning pill cocktail of midol and claritin, I felt like an aging Hollywood belle on her last legs.

Fortunately, I had these articles and blog posts to warm the cockles of my heart, and soon I had changed my lounge-outerwear and donned a chartreuse oversized man's sweatshirt with the words UNION MADE emblazoned 'cross its very breast. Thanks, dad!


  • I wrote about how sexracefascist the dmittedly fun and amusin' Iron Man was.
  • Tommy/Swvl interviewed Egalitarian Bookworm Dude (egalitarian cause of Star Trek and Extras, Bookwormy cause of the Bard) Patrick Shtuarrrt.
  • Greenlight got seriously meta when discussing youtube clips of celeb meltdowns.

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