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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And... She's out.

Whew. The Portman-meister is no longer playing Cathy in Wuthering Heights. Thank the literary gods.

is relieved... for now. As for what LOLCB thinks about Ellen Page playing Jane Eyre, I think she says something like: "Genug, already with the Jane Eyre movies! Oy vey. Can't someone take some pity on Shirley already? Or at least do a nice TV special on The Professor? But," LOLCharlotte hastens to add, "if you must make the hundreth version, I do fancy that Juno girl. She's got Jane-ish spunk to her, if she's a bit too much of a pretty face. So what's new?"

(yes, I realize LOLCB as rendered above makes Charlotte Bronte appear like a cross between a yiddishe mama and a haughty brit. Creative license, people!)

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  1. CAHomework11:05 PM

    I am unspeakably happy about this development. Though I do like Natalie Portman, Cathy clearly calls for something different. Vastly, indescribably different.
    I wish her all the luck in the world on her new project, and I hope it is successful and leads her to many new parts that have nothing to do with literary classics.