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Friday, May 30, 2008

Literary Classics in six words or less:

A sampling, here at Salon. They are not easy, folks. Here are my faves.

The Austen Oeuvre:

Unworthy entanglements neutralized, appropriate pairings proceed.
Sense & Sensibility

Hysterical mother marries off three daughters.
Pride & Prejudice

Poor relation annoys readers, weds cousin.
Mansfield Park

Alleged spinster, failed matchmaker makes match.

Girl renounces pulp fiction, finds husband.
Northanger Abbey

Yes this time, family be damned.

Or, to be utterly concise:

Worthy maidens get husbands they deserve.

Randall --


Bilbo took quest. Got the Ring.
The Hobbit

Twelve people tried to return it. (shouldn't it be nine? Or are we counting gandalf and others here -F-ette)
Fellowship of the Ring

Ring got tossed. Frodo came home.
Return of the King

Heidi Lynn

I'd have to think of some good ones for notably missing pieces of literature: Ulysses, Jane Eyre, Harry Potter. Or not.
Have a nice weekend, readership. Happy almost June!

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  1. "Poor relation annoys readers, weds cousin."

    Loves it! I want to punch that mouse in the nose. And Edmund is such a douchebag.