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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Link-O-Rama, I'm Going to Europe Even Though I Can Ill Aford It (because this country f*cking sucks) edition

I've been absent from these here internets because I've been busy banging my head against the wall watching The Reverand Wright Scandal on TV our "liberal" media use racist bullshit to derail a candidate who actually had a chance of changing this country for the better, for the third time in MY measly little LIFETIME (not the racism, but the derailing).

Also I've been online doing all kinds of crazy airline research, still ended up spending way too much money on tickets for me and my boo to go to Europe. But at least we won't be here!

Today's Links, sponsored by GOD DAMN AMERICA.

  • [Greenlight] takes on pot-arrests in NYC and offers helpful advice.
  • Me vs. Tina Fey, Round 2 (a review of the atrocious "Baby Mama").

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