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Monday, May 19, 2008

O, Tempora: (What the Times is missing in its HRC almost-post mortem)

Adam Nagourney came out with a nice little piece today summing up the follies of the Clinton campaign: from Diner-Tip-gate to Drudge-leak-gate to planted-questions-gate. There was just one leetle tiny thing missing.

It's the War Vote, Stupid.

It seems obvious to folks like me who were never going to vote for her in the primary for that reason (there were a lot of us). But although she was riding high at first, one of the main reasons Obama gained momentum in Iowa and beyond was because people wanted a viable alternative to mega-hawkishness. When they saw that he was viable, they moved towards him.

Why would the Times omit such a vital policy issue in its coverage? Perhaps because its own staff was helping to beat the drums for war. Also, it's not as interesting as debate gaffes and blown-up media scandals about tips in diners and of course, his holiness the Drudge Report. At least, not as interesting to certain Beltway media types. Just sayin'.

Ad-Nag also didn't mention her tacit encouragement of racism. Grrrrrr.

(as an aside, I'm sorry my posting has been vacillating so wildly between literary biznatch and election stuff, but that's how my mind is working these days. Sigh.)

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