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Monday, February 23, 2009

Please, Sir, can I Have Some More Oliver Twist?

[+ a bonus Oscars wrap-up]

So now that the dust has settled, what did my fair readers think of the conclusion of Oliver Twist?  As documented, I thought the ending was very strong, particularly the Nancy and Rose stuff and I didn't mind the way Fagin's downfall was made way more sympathetic and the anti-semitism of the times was revealed.

Last week the response was fairly positive. Did it remain so or did the creative license at the end ruin it for folk? 
And if you didn't watch Oliver, what did you think of the Oscars? I thought they were fun at the beginning and end, but that hour in the middle with all the tech awards was a major dead zone. blah. And much as I adore Kate Winslet and she's a fave literary heroine onscreen (did you hear her shout out EBC faves Emma Thompson AND Peter Jackson?) I thought her speech was upstaged by Sean Penn's truly gracious and far-reaching words.


  1. I felt the conclusion was very strong. Definitely something I will rewatch. Again I think it comes down to the casting. Tom Hardy, Sophie Okenedo and Morven Christie each had interesting believable interpretations of the characters. I got a little sick of the orphanage shananigans but then again it was late and I was tired. Again the music was wonderfully jaunty.
    BTW Is it me or did Kate Wislet's dad look like a Dicken's character himself?

  2. Kate Winslet is gracious, gorgeous, and darn near perfect in a sweetly flawed kind of way. But, you're right. Sean Penn rocked the Oscars. All those pro-Prop 8-ers out there should, once again, be miserably ashamed of themselves. Jesus, being the nice, tolerant guy that I bet he was, would be so very disappointed. For all we know, maybe he preferred men. (Uh, oh - here come the Bible thumpers to stone me to death. I just hope they do it with some primo Columbian hash!)