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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Join this blog's "community!"

Hey readerly readers.

I just discovered that, due to the growing power of the google-ocracy, you can join my blog's "community" now if you have AIM, gmail, OPEN ID, or a yahoo account! you don't need to be a blogger, or on blogger. Pretty nifty. You can also befriend each other and access profiles, so it's kind of like a weird mini-networking thang.

Whether this will join some genius google ideas or crap ones I canna say. But give it a try.

Just scroll down to the "followers" widget on my sidebar, or even better, just click this link! (let me know if this doesn't work). And of course, if you are a website proprietor, I will follow you back. I already follow all my followers on twitter and blogger, cause why the heck not?

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