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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Literary Lust, Part III: What Hero/ Heroine Would You Spend The Night With?

Via BronteBlog comes this hilarious blog post from the Washington Post:

In the spirit of romance, I asked some willing authors: "If you could spend one unbridled night with any fictional character in the world, who would it be?

Philippa Gregory: Cleopatra, as described by Shakespeare. Fabulously beautiful, amazingly sexy, ready to die for love! No contest. Just Cleopatra, a snake and me.

Susan Isaacs: You have to ask? Edward Rochester, of course, from Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre. He's got that quivering-with-barely-suppressed-passion business, but he's also elegant. ...

Adriana Trigiani agrees: Rochester -- he's a mysterious man on a horse in the English countryside -- sounds like a keeper to me.

Lisa Scottoline: I would spend the night with the Three Musketeers from Dumas's classic novel. My motto is "One for all, all for me."

Diane Johnson: That hunk Lord Byron's Don Juan, without a doubt. In addition to his attested charms as a Valentine, he was funny, smart, and idealistic -- all qualities in short supply during the past few years, and now happily back in fashion.
Go check out the post, for the extra answers and a great discussion in the comments. LM Montgomery's Teddy Kent even gets a shout-out! Which literary man or woman would you most be willing to spend the night with? Nowadays I would just say no, since I have my own romantic hero, but in my heady youth it would have been Rochester or Will Ladislaw all the way.


  1. Luciana7:47 PM

    Come on! No one mentioned Darcy nor Thornton! What's qrong with the world?

  2. For one-night-stands, I wouldn't vote for Darcy, either. Rochester, though, is a good name. Loved the answer about the three musketeers! Very clever.

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