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Friday, February 13, 2009

Literary Lust

My Nora Roberts Inn- searching led me to this book. Seems like a perfect Valentine's Day present, no?

Based on the preview, the suggestions are something like this: be like Will and Dorothea and have sex in a Library. Be like Stephen Guest and Maggie Tulliver and do it on rowboat. Be like Anna and Vronsky and do it on a train. Be like Emma and Rodolphe and do it in the forest. Be like Emma and Leon and do it in a carriage. Be like Heathcliff and Cathy and do it on the moors.

But it's much wittier than this, and the author actually knows her canon, so it's kind of awesome. And I appreciate the fact that she "gets" the sexiness of George Eliot.

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  1. It's really rather alarming to think about what gets published, isn't it? This takes the "sex sells" mantra to a whole new level. But all things considered, I'm glad the level in this case is also so literary. Who knows? Maybe this thing will spark unlikely new audiences to discover the great books it mentions. :)