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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oliver Twist "hopen fread"

'Ello, 'awlright, greetins and salutations to all ye fine folk. It's Dodge 'ere, better known to some as the Artful Dodger, the lad wif the quickest 'ands in awl of London Teown. I'm 'ere on behalf of Miss Fellowette presentin' you ladies and 'gents wif an open 'fread, which is sumfin' which you might use to comment on tonight's intepretay-shun of my life along, a-course, wif the story of dat ninny, 'Nollie Twist, and me ova mates and Faygy and Bill Sikes and a'course, Nance.

Mind you read fellow-ette's post on the subject, now. Now I'll be hopin' that you find the show to be a nice 'un!


  1. No comments yet? Well I'll go: I'm *loving* this music. It's so right.

  2. Enjoyed Part 1. Love that the Mr. Monk part of the plot is being included. Dickens is always such an intricate plotter. Love Tom Hardy and his bull dog. Sophie Okenedo is great too. Very good casting. Looking forward to Part 2.

  3. I agree so much about both the music AND the casting. My parents and brother also give this adaptation the thumbs up... it is VERY dark though. Definitely one of the more violent and dark works in the Dickens oeuvre.

  4. I was a film person in a prior life, and I loved the photography. Very dark, blue, and Dickensian... think the kid who plays Oliver is adorable. And Fagin is excellent as well... what a part for a character actor, no?

  5. I know Monks was in the original story, but when did Monks become Mr. Brownlow's grandson? Was that in Dickens' novel? :-/

  6. On the one hand, I too liked the cast, and also the fact that it was relatively dark.

    On the other, they've made some . . . surprising changes to the plot, particularly around Monks/Rose. And some minor changes, such as having Brownlow recognize right away that it's the wrong boy, are just mistakes.

    Having said that, I'll certainly watch part 2.

  7. Having only JUST gotten around to watching Wuthering Heights, I am delighted to see old Tom Hardy growling around my screen again. He's such a good baddie. Also: crooked teeth left unstraightened makes me hott. (or maybe it's the voice.)

    Um, so yes, um, I m just full of the trenchant analysis today.