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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nothing Doing, eh?

It's been a slow day in the literary world...while I procrastinate from the writing I need to do because it's my birthday*, here is an unconscionably awesome shlocky fanvid culled from the single greatest movie ever made** Persuasion 1995.

You know, once one starts watching fangirl montages of UK period dramas on youtube, one could quite easily end up allowing one's entire life to get sucked away. I just watched Thornton and Margaret Hale make out by the train tracks like 50 times. I have to give these enterprising amateur music video directors a lot of credit. The only complaint I register is there's a little too much snivelling Keira Knightley floating around out there, but I'm happy to watch MacFayden pout as Darcy*** ad infinitum.

Hey, here's a fun fact I learned from watching all this pre-1900 smooching and staring on the interwebs. Did you know that JAMES FRANCO played Tristan in the recent Tristan and Isolde movie? And it features my beloved period hunk RUFUS SEWELL as well? (I want more Will Ladislaw fanvids, ladies! Make me some!****) Who'd a thunk such a totally panned movie would have such a bang-up cast? Now I kind of want to netflix that sh*t.*****

Consider this random non-sequitur a chance to jump into comments and yack about whatever you've been blogging, tumbling, twittering or writing about recently. Or just go over to youtube and immerse yourself in breeches, fops and tails.

Oh and speaking of Rufus Sewell, once the oscars are over, is Sam MEndes gonna get to work on this middlemarch shiznit or what? Am I the only George Eliot obsessive out there just waiting for someone to correct the "sunny" romantic ending from the end of the 1994 miniseries? Andrew Davies, once again my fragile hopes are pinned on your wildly egotistical shoulders.

*Yes, it is my birthday.

**Yeah that's right F@!@#$ you Citizen Kane!

***He will OWN the Arthur Clenham role in Little Dorrit, mothaF!#$%ers.

****Here's one!

*****but let's face it I probably won't.


  1. Happy birthday!
    Rufus Sewel as Lord Marke? Who cares about Tristan...

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a fun day.

  3. Happy birthday!

    Did you know that JAMES FRANCO played Tristan in the recent Tristan and Isolde movie? And it features my beloved period hunk RUFUS SEWELL as well?

    Oh man, I saw that in theatres! Blame my youthful James Franco obsession, and my classical music training - somehow I thought they might have used the Wagner opera tunes in the background. (They didn't.)

    It's not a very good movie. Rufus Sewell is pretty darn sexy, though. AND Henry Cavill has a bit part! So, you know, maybe it IS worth watching... again...

  4. Having seen Little Dorrit via the Fangirl Underground, Matthew is lovely but is rather upstaged (as is everyone) by Andy Serkis chewing the scenery as Rigaud. I enjoy him the same way I enjoy Keith Allen in Robin Hood. Every time he was onscreen I just giggled madly. And Claire Foy is wonderful as Amy. I wouldn't mind seeing her as Emma in the new series.

    I started to read the book and as far as I got (which wasn't very far), the series seems to be faithful to the novel. Guess Dickens doesn't need fixing. *mumbles bitterly*

    And happy belated birthday!