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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Oliver Twist" (Masterpiece Classic) Review is up at PBS

My Oliver Twist review/bloggage is up at PBS' remotely connected blog. Please read and comment, there or here. And don't forget to tune in on Sunday Night. It's a really excellent production from the same director as Wuthering Heights (with some of the same cast members, too).

Here's a taste:

"I'm usually a proponent of true-to the book adaptations, but "Oliver Twist" has entered the popular consciousness to such an extent that it's appropriate for new versions to take liberties. After all, if we can easily imagine an onscreen "Oliver" where the characters burst into songs describing pickpocketing, prostitution, murder, and abuse, we can surely handle a few plot elisions and shifted emphases."

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  1. I wonder if "Oliver Twist" is available as a podcast (for those of us in far-flung places). I'll have to send my husband out for the night, though, and watch it on my own. Somehow, he just doesn't like Dickens - or Austen, for that matter. I do. Both of them. So thanks for your insights. I look forward to watching the show.