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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You Say It's Yer Birthday...

So guess WHAT? Today is bosom blogger friend Romancing the Tome's birthday toooo... they are two years older than me, and to help them celebrate I guest-posted very soberly over there on the topic of what corsets give to feminism (huh? you say. Go read the damn blog.)

So give them some love! And give me some love!

Give us all some looove cause yeaaah birthdays are sooooo fun and this metaphorical champagne suuuure is bubbly.

And on the subject of birthdays and ranting and whatnot, I'd also like to thank JaneFan of Austentatious, Mags at Austen-blog and Cara at the Curvature for being my sisters-in-bloggage. Check them out on my new, somewhat more streamlined and grown-up sidebar.


  1. Happy blog-birthday, and thanks for the shout-out! I really enjoyed your post on Romancing the Tome (left a comment too.)

  2. Whoo! Sidebar!

    Happy birthday :)