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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It was, errr, one year ago today that I started this mighty effort, this groundbreaking achievement also known as this blog. Yes, readers fair, I commenced EBC in the balmy height of last globally-warmed October 16th; it was way to test out my book reviewing prowess and try to recapture my glory days in the teacher-blogosphere.

Now of course I review books professionally (for a pittance, but still) and the blog has devolved into a feministy pop culture rant-fest with a particular fixation on a certain prestigious newspaper. The specialite de la egalitarian bookworm maison appears to be lots of broken links and nonexistent images and general creative disorder.

But enough of this blather.

As a way to celebrate my first birthday, I thought I'd take my dwindling readership on a journey through EBC's greatest hits--that is, the posts that have garnered me the most technorati linkage, the most hits, the most comments, the most chatter and of course, the most ire. So here goes:

  • I started off by drooling over the hottest men to have ever graced the screen in period literary adaptations: here they are in all their smoldering glory.
  • I live-blogged the Masterpiece Theater two-parter Jane Eyre and ruminated about madwomen in the attic.
  • I slammed Judd Apatow's ridiculous sexism as evidenced in "Knocked Up."
  • I skewered Hollywood misstep Becoming Jane.
  • I reveled in inanities, dissected superfluities and railed against hypocrisies.

Many happy returns to meee!

Hahahaha what a joke. Make yourself useful, Egalitarian Bookworms, and go read Mother Jones or something. Ima get drunk on some* champagne.


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