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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

All I Can Do is Talk About TV

For me, watching Stewart and Colbert at night is this completely necessary and addictive catharsis. After I spend all day at the office reading the blogs and the paper about all the horrible developments abroad and the rise of fascism and my socialistish blood has been boilingfor about 15 hours, I need to belly laugh about it all. If I don't laugh it out, I can't sleep--or I'll end up being too scared of extraordinary rendition of my womb by right-wing federal thought police. Now my boys John and Stephen don't always give me exactly what I need in that respect, but sometimes they hit all the right notes. Last night, they both nailed their respective asshole guests so nailishly that I'm still kvelling.

Check out Stewart telling "Tweety" aka Chris Matthews that he's a fascist pimp, and Colbert pretty much dropping his character to nail smarmy anti-semite John Mearsheimer (of Israel Lobby infamy).

Mazel Tov, boys.


  1. Lorraine12:50 PM

    I'm behind on my viewing of both Stewart and Colbert but I agree that they are needed relief. Both of them have so much intelligence and wit. How can you listen to the "news" and not be struck by the absurdity? I rarely watch the Colbert interview segment but I'll be sure to catch that one. I want Colbert to do the interviews out-of-character.

  2. Anonymous2:00 AM

    I thought the Colbert-Mearsheimer interview was informative and he handled it quite well. You should compare that interview with Colbert's on Monday night to see the difference because I think you haven't calibrated an baseline comparison. BTW the "Israel Lobby" book has a nice bump on in the last two days following the show.

  3. Anonymous3:59 PM

    His name is Jon, by the way...not John.