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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I love this woman.

Susan J. Douglas, author of awesome media guide Where the Girls Are, which I reviewed and adored, slams the Grey Lady's anti-feminist bias in light of the recent Katha Pollit review debacle. Her piece was published in uber-intellectual lefty pub In These Times. My favorite graf:

New York Times Book Review... has rarely met a feminist it liked. The former ballerina Toni Bentley, author of a book on the delights of crotchless panties and the epiphanies of anal sex (I quote: a “direct path … to God”), was assigned to review Pollitt’s latest collection of essays, Learning to Drive and Other Life Stories, and apparently didn’t like it. Fair enough. But Bentley, possibly disappointed by the lack of sodomy, used her review as an opportunity to trash feminists and to trash Pollitt for both being one and not being one who is stereotypical enough.

I am so sick of the way the Times deals with gender and race. Why, Jill Abramson why?

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