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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tucker Carlson is A Big, Fugly Bully

Seeing him on Bill Maher tonight filled me with rage again. Nobody, but nobody, beats up on my homie and the only good thing about the Times (except for one rookie reporter) Paul Krugman and gets away with it.

In other TV news, Friday Night Lights rocked.

UPDATE: Read this hilarious wonkette takedown of the Tuckster.


  1. Saw the show also. Not a fan of Tucker Carlson but he made some sense and made Paul Krugman look like an idiot. It was scary and uncomfortable to listen to Krugman as this man appears to hate this country...

  2. I'm sorry, msp, but you seem to not realize where you are. This blog is all about egalitarian bookworm chick-ism, which is a philosophy which might be beyond your simple comprehension. Oh, and Paul Krugman, as of 30 seconds ago, just joined Jane Austen and Stephen King as this site's patron saint. Maybe the man scares you because he speaks THE TRUTH. And as for Tucker Carlson, he's just a big fugly bully.

  3. fellow-ette, people who think Paul Krugman speaks the truth also believe Madonna Constantine, the Columbia Teacher's College professor is the victim of some racist tormenter.

    She and Krugman have about the same level of credibility, which is to say, none. When she admits she put the noose on her own door -- which she won't -- Krugman will admit he's an ivory-tower screwball who publishes misleading, sometimes totally fictional, commentaries on economic matters.

    It's clear the only development that will cure Krugman's rabies infection is Bush leaving office.