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Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Round-Up Part Two: Dracula and John Mayer, separated at birth?

So last night, ever impatient to ingest MORE CULTURE, we were frantically switching back and forth from the Grammys to Masterpiece Theater's rather modern take on Stoker's Dracula (one of my favorite novels!). But at times I felt like I was watching twins who chose very different paths in life... except not really... I mean Jessica Simpson and the sensual Lucy? Kind of similar...blonde, voluptuous, flirtatious... holy cow!
So that's why John Mayer is dating her.
Maybe she sees all that blood loss as a good diet tool, or maybe she wards him off with a crucifix courtesy of daddy Joe or ooh, perhaps it's just the garlic on her pizza-hut-spokeswoman breath that keeps him away. Interesting.


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