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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm Just Sayin's All...

Back in college, there was one album upon which my group of friends, whom I'll now identify by the music they liked freshman year, could all agree. Yes, "Weezer/Rufus Wainwright" girl, "Ani DiFranco/Dar Williams" girl, ""Common/D'angelo girl" "Reggae" girl, and me, "Bob Dylan/Bob Dylan" girl, all gathered around with our Carlo Rossi jug wine and incense and hookah (which I later broke dragging down to an art studio so another roommate could draw its portrait--but that's another story) and turned on JUSTIFIED, the hip-hoppening Justin Timberlake album featuring such gems as the ubiquitous "Cry Me a River" and the underappreciated "Seniorita."
"He's totally the next Michael Jackson!" said "Common/D'angelo" girl, who had purchased the album for our pleasure. She was right. And how we loved it, each exiting from our little corner of self-satisfied indie-dom for an album's length to appreciate the future King of Pop.

Similary, I recently blogged about how re-obsessed with JT I had been since the hype surrounding Futuresex/Lovesounds reached its frenzy--naw I'm lying. Since he was so funny on SNL. And who wasn't smitten by D*ck in a Box?. But today the New York Times highlights just how far he's gone bringing sexy back--into hipsterdom.

Saith Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy:
"You can go to hipster clubs, and they like it. I think at first they liked him ironically, but now they just like him.”
But the Quote of the Day comes from Tony Corasdale "a punk promoter" and singer for "an anarchist hardocre band" in Philly:
“Believe it or not,” he added, “Justin Timberlake has some major fans in the anarchist punk community.”

TRUE WORDS. And since I already heard Hot 97 offering Timberlake tickets, this means he's effectively crossed over into indie and hip-hop, basically making him the SUPREME LEADER OF EVERYONE. So there, seventeen years olds whom I tutor who make fun of me unceasingly for my JT obsession. Take that kiddies. The New York Times done proved you wrong.

Wait... hold on a second.... I think I sense some BREAKING NEWS not unrelated to our topic.
Oh, shit! Could it be true? Are soulful british pop phenoms Coldplay actually making an album with Timbaland, the hottest producer this side of anyone (and the genius behind FutureSex/LoveSounds)? Looks like it might be. What intrepid reportage.

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