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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Egalitarian Bookworm Birthday...

So... this weekend brought with it a quiet but lovely birthday celebration for fellow-ette, sans her twin (not her gothic double, but her actual twin) who is in the British Isles, celebrating with his American football team in a Glasgow pub. (I heart you!)

In addition, the revelry brough a litany of literry themed-gift my way, including the following BBC series from my fellow: The Duchess of Duke Street, and North and South, which are super-exciting, a Maeve Binchy novel from mom and dad (that's like icing on the literary cake), and some antique-looking sparkly earrings worthy of the Victorian aesthetic. And some lavender body butter, a wind-up dinosaur toy, a meal at New Leaf Cafe at a time of my choosing, and a camera, none of which are literary, but all of which are lovely. Merci buttercups a tous.

Felow-ette is spending this superowl sunday making spaghetti and watching the Beauty and the Geek marathon instead of that other contest of brains and brawn. Can we discuss how unbeleivably bitchy the beauties are this year? They're clearly in it for personal gain. Come on Ashton, reverse the premise already and give us some male beauties and female geeks.

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