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Friday, February 23, 2007

Do leather pants count as breeches?

Mere months after being named a runner-up in EBC's survey of the hottest men to ever canter through a Darbyshire field (or hail a hansom cab or some such) onscreen, Hugh Grant's career comeback continues.

And his resurgence prompts me to ask this question: how can someone play the same bloody role (with small variations) in every single movie he's in, and still be totally winning and captivating and generally adorable?

I'm not sure... truth be told, I keep waiting to be tired of Hugh, but I never am. This evening, I saw the sometimes-cute, sometimes-cloying Music and Lyrics mostly for him, and he made the entire thing worth it (so the the hilarious songs by those Fountains of Wayne dudes).

As for his co-star Drew Barrymore, who also plays the same character in every single film she's in, her sunshiney-sweet personality makes me want to know her as a person, but I find her far from convincing as an actress. Whereas my homie Hugh is probably an unendurable cad in real life, but a pleasure to watch onscreen.

Now, lest you think I'm misogynist because I love him for the same quality I fault her for, I'd like to point out that Entertainment Weekly's Liza Schwarzbaum had it right when she pointed out that Emma, Renee, and Sandra all were better foils for the self-deprecating, biting humor that is Hugh's forte than Drew. And she needs someone like Owen Wilson or Matthew McConaughey to match her laid-back goofiness.

Take-away points:
*Hugh is the man
*Liza Schwarzbaum is smart
* (and EW is a fine-ass magazine.)
*I like movies with nice happy endings
*popcorn is good too

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