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Friday, February 09, 2007

Harvard's New President Has "Innate Differences"

...which is to say, for the first time in its, err, storied history, the Harvard University Presidency will have a vagina! Yep, it's gonna be Drew Gilpin Faust, innoffensive Dean of the "Institute for Advanced Study," i.e. the bombed-out-detritus of what once was Radcliffe College. The Crimson, my former stomping grounds, has it here and here. And here. (And they say Harvard kids are overachievers. Please).
Congrats on the scoop.

Will this announcement usher in an era of change at the famously elitist institution? Or will stuffy capitalist white-male-like Harvard Corporation members just look all the more longingly at the literal ivory towers dotting campus, using said towers as substitute phalluses, since their president doesn't have one?

What does it all mean?
And furthermore, should we care?
I mean, Penn and Princeton (not to mention, oh, Israel and India) and Brown (as a black woman, Ruth Simmons consolidates two groups that ex-president Larry Summers mortally offended) did it a long time before we did. This kind of choice should have happened before the "Summers Era" made it absolutely necessary. Now Hah-vahd is just jumping on the female-president bandwagon. But still, with the Pelosification of congress and Hilary on the march, and now four Ivies helmed by shes, it's clear that we're entering a new era of equality, and that's cool. Now let's start hiring some female and minority professors who can teach as well as write academic papers and diversify academia. Heaven knows it needs it.

Note to President-to-be-Faust: you don't have to cop a Hilary and pretend you have cojones by supporting stupid "mannish" things, like wars. The whole reason Harvard hired you was because a "strong" ( inconsiderate) and "visionary" (bad listener) man-president ripped the university apart trying to prove he had the balls to stand up to insidious groups like women scientists, Af-Am scholars and student activists. So go ahead and use those supposedly-female consensus-building tools (myth of the patriarchy, yo, cause gender is socially constructed!) as well as whatever kickass leadership skills
got you here in the first place. Amen.

oh, Harvard, thy campus is laden with phallic symbols.

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