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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Which Austen hero, err, Literary Character Is Your Valentine?

What literary character have you fallen in love with?:
Kate Ward at EW's Shelf Life asks us to name "The characters in literature that we love.... Not just respect, or admire, but love." She begs the Edward Cullen adorers to keep from hijacking the thread (amen!) and who should show up on the first page of comments instead but a bunch of ferverent admirers of the one, the only, Captain Frederick "You pierce my soul" Wentworth. Nothing could please me more.

We've had this very same discussion here before, but why not throw the question out again? I for one am adding a new literary hero to my loong list of love-worthy fictional lads: Mr. George "my most beloved Emma" Knightley.

Who's on your list? And please, don't just go hetero here. This is a site for egalitarian bookworms, so feel free to declare your passion for any fictional character of any gender or persuasion below.

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  1. LizzieJ10:23 PM

    I gotta say it - Fitzwilliam Darcy. He's the one who drew me in to the whole Austen world. It's hard to forget, or top, that first giddy love. Colonel Brandon comes in at #2.

  2. Even though Newland Archer is often a twit, I've loved him for so loooooong (and damn, does Daniel Day Lewis nail Archer's particular beauty)
    Close afterwards...Henry Tilney.

  3. Team Tilney here. Henry Tilney in Northanger Abbey that is. Out of Austen's canon and into Diana Gabaldon's world would be Jamie Fraser in the Outlander series. *swoon*

  4. I've been a fan of Knightly for some time. There's a character in A Suitable Boy (Kabir) who made me feel very dreamy and heart-squishy when I read it, but I was in love with the whole book, so that might not be him as much as it was the whole experience of the world of the book.

  5. Tilney has always been my boy, but I have to agree that the time I've spent recently with Mr. George "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more" Knightly has rather turned my head.

    And I have to admit, Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester will always have a distinctly throbbing piece of my heart. You never forget your first, and he was mine.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly on Darcy, Newland, Knightley. Have never read Gabaldon but am beginning to feel like I ought to read the first one. And Beth D, that's funny bc Rochester was my first too... I read Jane Eyre when I was 11 and at that tender age I was disturbed by her not finding him "handsome" but I soon fell for his bigamist charms. Darcy came next. And Rhett. (sigh).

  7. Austen-wise I gotta go with Captain Wentworth. He's faithful, self-made man, and most important of all, he's a forgiving man. I'd need that.

    Just Literary-wise I'm going with Augustus McCrae from Lonesome Dove. Now that would be fun, we'd never stop laughing. Also I have a place in my heart for Jim Burden from My Antonia.

    Also to be equal opportunity I'll acknowledge my girl crush on Elizabeth Bennett. Yeah I said it.

  8. Melanie8:57 PM

    Better late than never I suppose!

    Nobody beats Mr. Thornton in my mind, except perhaps the aforementioned charming bigamist. But if I can't have all the ladies for my valentine (and it's tempting), I would have to choose Marian Halcombe from The Woman in White. Fiery, courageous, absurdly intelligent and intuitive... yes please :)